Training in Wellington – 24th June, 2017

Present were Capital City, Blenheim and Christchurch clubs. Covered content was Basics, Dan Jeon Hoheup (Breathing exercises), grading patterns. A good days training, with the participants looking forward to Tauranga (3rd September) and the Mulimpia. A grading will be scheduled for some time over the weekend of the 2nd/3rd September,…

Pre-Worlds Training 2017

With the World Championships (Mulimpia 2017) just 4 weeks away, we took the time to train with Master Oh (patterns and paper cutting) and Master Tysoe (bamboo cutting). The skills picked up were the finer parts of all three disciplines – making for better swordsmen.

Training is on

Training last night. After the visit by Master Jung Il Oh, President of Haidong Gumdo Oceania, our club is taking a harder line to training. The standards must be raised, with a new minimum being set. Haidong!

Haidong Gumdo Grading – April 2017

Budo South Martial Arts hosted the third Haidong Gumdo New Zealand grading for 2017. In attendance as the Grading Examiner, Oceania Haidong Gumdo President, Master Jung-Il Oh. Master Oh also hosted two seminars over the weekend, one on Saturday for “all-belts” and one on Sunday for Black Belts. All participants…

Grading – 29th April, 2017

Grading is approaching..   HAIDONG! Grading is all set in motion. • The grading Examiner, Oceania President, Master Oh, will be travelling in from Brisbane, • Candidates will be flooding into the Dojang, • Tension will fill the air   Black Belt (1st Dan candidates): • Sean Cromwell (Whakatane) •…