Haidong Gumdo (Haedong Gumdo, 海東劍道 “Korean way of the sword”) is very new to New Zealand.

The Lead instructor for New Zealand is Garry Carpenter – instructor@budosouth.co.nz

He is currently enrolled in the International Master Programme. Having qualified as a 3rd Dan, Garry is keen to begin passing on his knowledge of Haidong Gumdo to willing students.


Haidong Gumdo’s sister art is the Japanese Iaido

Haidong Gumdo is an elegant and powerful ancient Korean Sword Martial Art. It’s more physically demanding than it looks; it builds great physical, mental and emotional strength. The Samurai of Japan are direct descendents of the Samu Rang of Kokuryo early region of Korea.

Why Haidong Gumdo? Why a martial art? Why not?

The modern society is characterised by technology, information and globalisation, has brought an abundance of amenities and luxury to many people. However, it has also brought obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and various diseases due to stresses of modern life. Haidong Gumdo offers a solution to these stresses. Through learning physical training, etiquette, self control, meditation and internal breathing exercises, Gumdo practitioners learn to improve their physical and mental health.